Feel free to join all three New York Chapters and cover more of New York with Laura, Rebecca (or Bec as most people call her) and Cindy.
For Trail Dames of the Mid-Hudson valley - Hike with Cindy
For Trail Dames of Capital District - Hike with Laura
For Trail Dames of the lower Hudson valley - Hike with Bec
Looking forward to adventuring with you all!
We'll see you on the trail!
Cindy, Laura and Bec

Cynthia Denise
Head, Mid-Hudson Valley

I have lived in the Hudson Valley for most of my life, with two years in Pennsylvania and 9 months in Florida, I always yearned to be back in the Catskills. I can't remember a time when hiking has not been part of my life. My parents took me and my three siblings on Hikes and my friends and I have many stories from our various adventures in the Hills. I have accomplished the requirements for the 3500 Club. This means I have hiked all the peaks in the Catskills over 3,500 feet with four hiked again during the winter. Although I am proud of this accomplishment, my favorite treks now are those that have a trail to follow with a reward at the end such as a glorious view or a waterfall to rest near. I found the Trail Dames since my husband often works weekends and I wanted a non-competitive group to hike with. As soon as I took my first hike with Laura of the Capital District, I knew we needed a chapter in the Catskill area. I am so excited to share these Beauties with those that are ready for fun relaxation fresh air and friends.

See you on the trail,

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