Hi ! My name is Karen A Capps. I live in Western North Carolina near Asheville. I moved here, with my husband and three children, from New Orleans where I was born and raised. Yes, I miss the food, but the mountains make up for it. Moving from below sea level to 3100 ft. elevation was a challenge. It took me a while before I felt like I could breathe.

Karen A Capps
Head Dame
North Carolina Chapter

Back in New Orleans I was a competitive tennis player and runner. Not anymore, though. Hiking has replaced both of those here. Why? One - it's available, free, and I love to do it! A great day in my books is a day spent on the mountain. Two - I kept eating like I was in Louisiana and while adjusting to thinner air I gained a few - fifty - pounds. Thank goodness for the Trail Dames! I won't be the fastest hiker but I will finish the hike. I'd love to have you join me on the mountains and trails for a hike or two. I look forward to meeting and hiking with all of you. You won't be left behind and hopefully you'll make a new friend or two. Happy Hiking ! Karen

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