Annual Membership includes:

  • -The quarterly newsletter. Keep up to date on all things Dame and learn tips of hiking, backpacking and living the life of a Dame!
  • - A trail Dames patch to show your spirit
  • -Special discounts and coupons from outdoor companies for Trail Dames only
  • -Admittance to all Trail Dames hikes
  • -Special discount on Trail Dames special events

Choose your membership level:

  • Hiking Dame $27
    Comes with our gift of a Trail Dames Patch
  • Hiking Dame + American Hiking Society Member $49
    Includes membership to both organizations and a subscription to Backpacker Magazine
  • Trekking Dame $39
    Comes with our gift of a Trail Dames bumper sticker
  • Mountaineering Dame $57
    Comes with our gift of a Trail Dames Tee-shirt
  • Lifetime Dame $250
    Comes with our gift of a Trail Dames Sigg Water Bottle (can be made in three payments)

(All memberships are yearly with the exception of Lifetime Memberships.)
Fill out the online Trail Dames Membership Application here.


What is the difference between the membership levels?

Simply put, the difference is in levels of financial support. While you get different gifts for each level of membership, all other benefits are the same.
The Hiking Dame membership level helps maintain the basic Trail Dames needs. Women who join at a higher level are helping to support other Trail Dames projects, such as Grace Hikes, and the education and trail maintenance programs. Please join at whichever level appeals to you.

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Where do the funds in Trail Dames go?

100% of the funds go towards two things. The operating costs of Trail Dames and the continued work of the Trail Dames foundation.
Our operating costs include liability insurance for the Head Dames and Hike Leaders, tax and incorporation fees, website costs and administrative costs.
Our Trail Dames Foundation supports different causes from enabling women in social crisis to get out and hike to helping maintain our trails. We also provide education centered on hiking safety and etiquette, Leave No Trace Principles and other outdoor related topics.
All Head Dames, Hike Leaders and Board Members are involved in Trail Dames on a volunteer basis.

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What if I am not sure I want to be a Dame? Can I try it out first?

We would love for you to come try it! You are welcome to attend a few hikes and see if you like it before joining.

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I am a member of several Trail Dames chapters. Do I need to join more than once?

Absolutely not. Once you join Trail Dames, your membership is valid in all of the chapters.

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I do not live near a Trail Dames chapter? Can I still be a Dame?

Of course! Membership comes with its own perks, like special discounts from hiking-related businesses. And, of course, the knowledge that you are a part of the first-ever national hiking organization just for women.

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What is this about a joint membership with the American Hiking Society?

The AHS has offered a special deal for Trail Dames! Join both Trail Dames and American Hiking Society(AHS) at a reduced joint membership cost of only $49 (normally $53 – that's a sweet 15% discount).
By adding an AHS membership to your Trail Dames membership, you'll be supporting the only national voice for hikers – dedicated to promoting and protecting America's hiking trails, their surrounding natural areas, and the hiking experience. And you'll also get FREE subscriptions toBackpacker magazine and AHS's American Hiker magazine!
To take advantage of this, just fill out the Trail Dames membership application and check the area for dual membership.

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Have another question?

Feel free to email us. We would be happy to answer your questions.

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