Dear Central Virginia Dames,

Calling ALL awesome women who want to commune with Nature! (ALL includes ALL, regardless of the shape you're in, size, age, experience-level, or anything else). Do any of these statements sound familiar?
"I'd love to go hiking, but I don't have anyone to go with, and I don't feel comfortable going alone."
"I'd love to go hiking, but I'm not in the best shape and I would be slow."
"I'd love to go hiking, but I've never tried it before and I don't know what gear I'd need or even if I could do it."
"I'd love to go hiking, but I'm a little freaked out about the wild animals out there."

Michele Zehr
aka Certain
Head Dame
Central Virginia Chapter

Well good news! My name is Michele and it would be my honor to provide you with a place to go where you can hike, laugh, and make new friends with other women; where you can hike at a pace that is enjoyable for everyone without competition, where you can safely ask questions and learn about the type of gear you'll need, and where you will have company if a bear starts chasing you. J (ok…it's highly unlikely bears will be chasing you).
I believe in every woman's right to enjoy Nature. I believe in the amazing power of Nature to help shed all of those layers of stress from our way too busy lives, and I believe that YOU deserve to treat yourself to some fun.
A little about me to give you confidence in my ability to take you into the Wilds—I'm a curvy woman who has hiked all 2,175 miles of the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine, I'm Wilderness First Aid Certified, I'm a former U.S. Marine (no push-ups required!) and I just so happen to believe it is every woman's birth-right to re-connect to our beautiful Earth. It would be an honor to have you join us for some laid back estrogen-injected hiking fun.
I'll be leading at least one hike per month in the central Virginia area, so if you'd like to join us, follow the link at the bottom left of this page. Happy Hiking!

- Michele "Certain"

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