Hello all trail dames of central Virginia! My name is Lisa and I am happy to say I will be the new hike leader for this awesome group of women. I will always try to find new places for us to discover and hike while you are enjoying the company of other women who love nature and being outdoors. We will never hike faster than the slowest woman and we will always hike together as a group, never leaving anyone behind. Our hikes will never be races, they will be slow and steady climbs towards our destination. You can always stop and ask questions along the way without having to feel as though you are holding up the group.

Lisa Benasher
Head Dame
Central Virginia Chapter

I will always try to keep you updated as to what type of equipment and clothing you should have and what the best ways to stay safe outdoors are. I think that every woman should feel comfortable being in nature without feeling afraid they will be eaten by a bear or have snakes jump out at them while hiking through the forest. I will do my best to put you at ease while we are hiking together.
A little about me to give you confidence in my ability to take you into the forest. I am a curvy woman who has successfully completed my wilderness first aid certification, cpr/aed certification and I am a Leave No Trace trainer. I will be taking a Survival 101 class in the fall of 2017 at Mt. Shepherd Wilderness Survival School, in which I will be taught the seven priorities of survival: positive mental attitude, wilderness first aid, shelter, fire craft, signaling, food and water.
I will be leading at least one hike per month in the central Virginia area, so if you would like to come along, follow the link at the bottom left of this page. See you on the next hike!


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