Check out the FAQs here. Starting something new can be a little scary at times. Our main goal here at Trail Dames is to make that first step as safe, fun and comfortable as it can possibly be. Check out our frequently asked questions below, and if you have any questions that aren't covered here, please email them to us. We want you to know, with all confidence, that Trail Dames is the place for you.

Who Are the Trail Dames?

A Trail Dame is a woman that wants to see the beauty of this world and make some good friends in the process, plain and simple.

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Who Can Be A Trail Dame?

Well, the purpose of the Trail Dames is to give the curvy women out there a place to gather in preparation to take on the world, one mountain at a time. However, we do not discriminate against the more svelte of our gender. Just realize that we will be ambling up the trail, enjoying ourselves. If that is your idea of a great hike, then you are welcome!

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What If I Am Out Of Shape or Have Never Hiked?

Excuse me?! Do you see my picture?! The rounder the better!!! I will suggest that you check with your doctor to make sure this is the right activity for you, but other than that, do not dare let "out of shape" stop you from joining us!! This club is for everything from complete beginners to experienced hikers. If I can do it, you surely can!!

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What Do I Need?

Mostly hiking shoes and a good sense of humor! I would highly suggest hiking poles, as they will make your hike much more enjoyable, but we have extras to share if you would like to try them before purchasing some. You will want moisture-wicking clothes. You will also need to bring a bottle of water, a snack for the trail, a light jacket and a small day pack to carry it in. Other than that, you really don't need much!

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What Should I Wear?

Special hiking clothes aren't necessary — you probably already have workout clothes that will be just fine, especially if they are quick-dry and/or stretchy. The important thing is that you avoid cotton, are comfortable and wear something that you can move in.

We ask that you not wear cotton clothing and instead wear synthetic, nylon, or wool fabrics. These aren't as cold when they get wet and don't chafe.
Dress in layers. Expect to get warm as you climb mountains, but it can get cold when we stop, so wear a tank top or short sleeved shirt under a warmer shirt.
Always bring a waterproof raincoat or poncho. The weather is unpredictable in the mountains, and it's possible to get chilled even in summer. A raincoat can keep you warm as well as dry, and you can even sit on your jacket when we stop for lunch or are enjoying a view.
A good pair of walking shoes will work for most of the hikes we take. (For the more adventurous Dames, we offer Dynamic Hikes and these will require a good hiking boot.)

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How Do I Become a Member?

For information on becoming a Dame, click here. This is a membership organization and we ask a nominal annual fee to cover the expense of our Meetups and administrative costs, but you are welcome to attend a few hikes before joining Trail Dames. Click here to find the TD Chapter in your area.

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What is the Trust & Safety Pact?

The Trail Dames Trust and Safety Pact was created to provide a level of trust and grace within our community to allow our hike leaders to plan more difficult hikes without jeopardizing the safety of our members and to give all members regardless of ability the confidence to challenge themselves.

  • We promise to provide you the safest outdoor experience possible…….We ask that you work with us in that goal.
  • We promise to be open and honest about the health challenges on a hike…..we ask that you be open and honest about your health challenges with us.
  • We promise to honestly communicate the difficulty of a hike….we ask that you trust our assessment and take our advice into consideration.
  • We promise that if we are unsure of your ability to hike a trail, we will communicate that to you, …..we ask that you understand that this comes from a place of caring about you and wanting you to have the very best experience that you can.
  • We promise that if a hike is scheduled that is beyond your skill level, we will offer a later one that will support your skills and growth as a hiker…..we ask that you understand that we are doing this because we want you to be successful!
  • We promise to create a place where you can grow and learn in the outdoors....we ask you to understand that it is a process. There is a learning curve, and as long as you are on it, you are winning!

How do I Get One Of Those Awesome Tee Shirts?!

Trail Dames tee shirts are $20 and can be purchased at The Summit or through the mail. Just send your personal check and address to:

Trail Dames
3794 Pine Needle Dr.
Duluth, GA. 30096

Oh, and of course, they are made of wicking fabric so excellent for hiking! No cotton Tees here!

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Have another question?

Just email us. We would be happy to answer your questions.

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