Hello Friends!!
I am excited about the crazy, fun, adventurous journey ahead of us!
I am Debbie, also known as Mom by two great kids! “Beautiful Wife” to my hubby (that’s what his phone says when I call…lol) I also have many other titles under my belt. Judge and Jury in our home, Teacher, Guidance, and Principal of my 2 home-schooled children, Chef, Nurse, Janitor, and BFF to the household, and now I am super thrilled to be called “Friend“ by all of you!

Debbie Baker
Head Dame
North Florida Chapter

As the new Trail Dames North Florida Chapter Head Dame, my goal will be monthly adventures in this glorious land of Florida! We are a unique group. We won’t be scaling mountains–living at sea level–but we will be trekking through some of the most beautiful lands in our great State. From the beautiful trails surrounding all our numerous springs to Trails that lead to awesome historical sites, we will be venturing everywhere we can.
A lil more about me. I am a plus size, curvy gal who is huge into the outdoors. My family can be found at the beach, at the springs, fishing, canoeing, and hiking anytime we have free time. We are members of an Archery Club. We also help run our local Trail Life USA Scouting program! And we love fellowshipping at our church.
My goals will be to make friends, have fun, and make sure all of you beautiful ladies know that we are only as fast as our slowest buddy! Which more than likely will be me.
I am ready. Are you?
Let’s HIKE!!

For up-to-the-minute info on local events, or to join the North Florida Trail Dames Meetup, click here.