Hi Future Dames!! My name is Pam de Graaf, but my hiking friends call me Purple Haze. I discovered Trail Dames several years ago, and lurked for months before I had the opportunity to join. Once I found the Dames, I jumped in with both feet and can truly say that they have changed my life! I love to hike and here in Trail Dames, the laughter and camaraderie are constant trail companions.

Pam de Graaf
aka Purple Haze
Head Dame
Georgia Chapter

During these last years, I have been a Dame, a Hike Leader, a Head Dame, a Board of Director member, and the co-chair of the nations first women's hiking and backpacking conference, The Summit. While I am proud of the work that I have done, I most treasure the friendships that grow from this group and the sense of togetherness we get every time we hit the trail. I hope you will come join us!!! I am looking forward to climbing a mountain with you!!

Pam de Graaf, aka Purple Haze

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