Charles Huthmaker, brother of Mud Butt-kindly carried a four year old all the way up and down Blood Moutain!! Now THAT is a great guy!!

Pirate- AT legend and long time friend of the Dames. Best known for his pineapple upside down cake and his amazing halloween decorations!

Lumpy- one of our favorite Moutain Crossing guys. If we ever needed anything....Lumpy would be there in a flash!!!

Todd Soprych, Co-owner of Roam the Woods. The only man out there that owns a TD shirt!! The Dames couldn't ask for a more supportive and wonderful friend!

"Many Sleeps"- caretaker of Springer Moutain. Was there to welcome the Dames on our birthday hike from the very beginning until his retirement in 2011. We will miss him......

Winton Porter- owner of Mountain Crossings. When he agreed to support the Trail Dames, I don't think he quite knew what he was getting himself into!! His is our favorite place on the AT!!

Squirrel- Another favorite Mountain Crossings guy....he is always ready to welcome the Dames into the hostel with open arms.

McGuyver deGraaf, husband of Pam. Willing to stand in the freezing rain and help with Trail Magic on the AT. Oh...and willing to hand out cigars!!

Tom, husband of Laura James. Not only makes the most amazing soup in the world, but is willing to serve it to hikers in the miserable cold and fog.

Chris Hall- former Leki rep., Chris has been there to lend a helping hand to the Dames since the very beginning.

Scott "Pilgrim" Dowling - Scott, aka Pilgrim is a huge supporter of all things Dame and we adore him!!! He has set up a Trail Dames store on his website where he sells all kind of cool stuff just for us. He will never get rich doing it, but he swears that it is enough to just be a part of the growth of Trail Dames! Thank you Pilgrim!!!

Bill "Mo Bill" Witherspoon - One of the founders of the Georgia Adventurers Group and long time, devout supporter of Trail Dames! This is the man that believes in us so much that he donned a purple bra to show his desire to be a Dame!! He does an extraordinary job getting people out on the trail and we are lucky to have him as a Man of TD!! We love you Bill!!!

Stephen Dean - Aussie, Expert Trekker and Firestarter

Chris Sperry - He is an amazing CPA and lawyer and has taken care of Trail Dames and the TDCF since the beginning. We owe him more than we could ever repay!!

Jackson Tejada - A humble web designer by day. However, once he gets home, he throws on his super-hero cloak and becomes....(cue the drum roll)... The High Supreme Jedi Master of All Things Internet!! Jackson is the reason that we have functioning, working, beautiful web pages for both the Dames, and the Summit. Without him, we would truly be lost, and no one would ever know what is going on around here!! Thank you Jackson!!!