My name is Dewese Milstead, I want to hike and I am new to Trail Dames. The only thing I can think about is hiking and the Appalachian Trail. I've watched so many videos on YouTube that I know my husband thinks I'm nuts. I have been doing some hikes but don't really like going alone and I've never been alone in the woods at night. That's one of my goals.

Dewese Milstead
Hike Leader

If you want to get out and into the woods and enjoy nature, take short hikes or longer weekend trips, learn more about camping and hiking, and make new friendships, then this is the place for you. Regardless of your size, shape, race, or religion, we want you. We are looking for women who want to participate. If you think you are too slow or are not fit enough we will encourage you. Our hikes are only as tough as we make them and we are not leaving anyone behind. Check out the rest of this website and see if this is something you would be interested in. We have many trails to blaze and Mississippi is a beautiful state. I hope you will join our group and “Let's Go Hiking”.

- Dewese