Hello! I'm so excited for all the new adventures with Trail Dames, we have to look forward to! I started hiking and backpacking just a few short years ago, when I realized my kids were about finished needing me daily, and I had time for me again! I'm loving getting outside, and playing in the sunshine, and rain, and just seeing all this beautiful earth has to share! When I began, I found some folks to hike with, and realized that I am NOT at the level of the local hiking groups! I need a slower pace, and maybe just maybe I have a few more curves than some of them too!

Melissa Robinson
Head Dame
Missouri Chapter

Kansas City is a great place with TWO states to share so many great trails! Trail Dames is here to connect us all, so we'll be aiming for both sides of the state line regularly, and maybe do a trail or two in the city! Some trails will take a bit more of us, and some will just be a dance the whole way, but whichever it is, we'll be sure to go the pace of the slowest in our group whomever she may be! Even when she is me! Welcome to Trail Dames, and come dance upon the Earth with us!

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