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Grace Hikes

One of the best ways we can show our gratitude for all that we have learned in the outdoors is by helping other women get out there. Specifically, women of social crisis. With this thought, we created Grace Hikes, a division of Trail Dames that raises funds and donates items for organizations that support such women. One such organization is Rainbow Village in Duluth, GA. The Georgia Dames have adopted this group in particular to support. Visit their website to see what they are all about.

Project "I Hate Pink"

With any group of women, it is inevitable that breast cancer should rear it's ugly head. Most of our Dames have been touched by this disease, either personally or through a friend, family member or loved one. Trail Dames is joining in the fight against breast cancer. Pink has become a color that stands for pain, turmoil, sickness and struggle and like so many others, we are tired of it. Project "I HatePink" was created to support the individual Trail Dames in their projects to find a cure for breast cancer. Whether it be the 3-Day, Susan B. Komen walks, or any other project, we want to support our fellow Dames by sharing what they are doing throughout the club and celebrating their accomplishments.

Alzheimer's Walk

For the last few years, the Dames have taken part in the Alzheimer's Walk to help fund a cure for this terrible disease. Alzheimer's has touched the lives of several of our Dames and we are doing our part to work towards it's eradication.

Trail Magic

Every year, thousands of hikers hit the Appalachian Trail, hoping to make the 2,200 mile trek in one season. It has become a tradition to feed these hikers in a act of kindness and support. The Trail Dames are proud to be a part of this tradition. We have provided Trail Magic every year since our inception and look forward to many years of service to come.