Dames in the Tennessee area have two chapters to choose from!!! We suggest you join both and take advantage of all of the fun activities the Dames have to offer!

Heather King
Head Dame
Sevierville Chapter

My name is Heather King. I am originally from Gatlinburg and now live in Seymour with my husband Al and my sons Josh (15) and Gabe (12), I am very active in Gabe’s Boy Scout troop as well as Trail Dames. I love the mountains and the outdoors and am so excited about helping women get out on the trails! I would love for you to join us here in the Tennessee Trail Dames! Won't you come hike with us?

For up-to-the-minute info on local events, or to join the Sevierville Trail Dames Meetup, click here.

Laura Seeger
Head Dame
Chattanooga Chapter

I am Laura Seeger and have been a Lifetime Member of Trail Dames since 2014. As a kid I loved hiking, canoeing & nature with my Dad. As a single Mom I took my boys on hikes and camping. When not hiking you may find me riding my horse or reading about other peoples hiking adventures - especially AT thru hikes. I am very excited to be a part of getting Trail Dames established in Chattanooga. I look forward to meeting you on the trail!


For up-to-the-minute info on local events, or to join the Chattanooga Trail Dames Meetup, click here.