While I have always been fairly active, hiking is a newly discovered passion that reared its head the first time I joined a Trail Dames hike. There is something powerful and renewing about hiking with women whose main goal is to support one another. I’ve learned to love hiking in all seasons and I keep trying to drag my family out with me to see the sights- not too successfully, but I will keep trying. ☺

Lisa Best
Head Dame
Virginia Chapter

Since joining the Northern/Western chapter of the Trail Dames of Virginia, I’ve focused on learning more about the area and safety - I am constantly asking folks to go on pre-hikes with me so that I can schedule a variety of hikes for the group. I’ve also had the fun of attending the Hike Leader training as well as the Wilderness First Aid course – I learned so much from the hands on exercises in WFA and thought the final skills assessment was an amazing thing to complete - I highly recommend the course to everyone!
Learning is a continuous process and I have learned a bunch about myself in the past year! I have discovered that I am an awesome bug attractor (you always want to hike next to me- the mosquitoes and ticks will swarm my way, leaving you in peace) and if there is a water source, there is a good chance I will fall in it. But most importantly, and all joking aside, I have learned confidence in myself. I attribute this growth directly to the support and kindness I have received from my fellow Dames. You ladies amaze me!

- Lisa Best, Co-Head Dame, Virginia Chapter

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