Hello and welcome to the Oregon/Washington Chapter of Trail Dames. My name is Tina Grissom and I am the Head Dame of this chapter. I have been an outdoor enthusiast for as long as I can remember and an avid hiker/backpacker for 15 years. I also enjoy car camping, mountain biking and kayaking. Hiking hasn't always been easy for me because of my weight. I spent several years hiking and backpacking with almost 100 more pounds than what I weigh now. Hiking was a bit slower and I couldn't always go long distances but I'm proof positive that regardless of size, speed or endurance spending time on trail is still possible and very enjoyable. That is exactly what Trail Dames is all about. We aren't always the fastest or the thinnest on the trail but by golly, we enjoy every moment and encourage each other to stop and take it all in while catching our breath.

Tina Grissom
Head Dame
Oregon/Washington Chapter

I found Trail Dames and knew right away this was the group for me. I love the outdoors and sharing that experience with others. Sharing the experience with first timers or those that consider themselves inexperienced is a great love of mine. Whether you find yourself in that group or have hundreds of miles under your belt I would love to spend my next day on the trail with you! The OR/WA chapter of Trail Dames is very fortunate to be in a part of the country where we have a virtually unlimited number of trails, campgrounds and waterways to explore and they are all amazing. This chapter will be working very hard to help you have the most fun and excitement you can have with your clothes on.

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