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Amber Terry
Head Dame
Utah Chapter

Hello everyone! My name is Amber Terry, and I hail from the great state of Utah! I was born and raised here, and absolutely love everything this state has to offer. Growing up, my summers were spent on road trips and camping as many weekends as we were able. This instilled in me a love for the outdoors that I am beyond grateful for. Hiking was not always my thing, but as I have gotten older it has become one of my first loves. My favorite thing about being on trail is the sense of peace and calm that the wilderness can provide.
As I've listened to several different hiking podcasts I stumbled upon Trail Dames, and was shocked to find there was not a chapter in Utah! I am so excited to get this chapter off and running, and getting to know and build friendships with more and more awesome women! There is just something about being out on a trail with a group of women that makes one smile! I hope you come and join us for what should be some awesome adventures!

To join the Utah Trail Dames Meetup, click here.

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