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Dames in the Virginia area have two chapters to choose from!!! We suggest you join both and take advantage of all of the fun activities the Dames have to offer!

Cynthia Uber
Head Dame
Leesburg Chapter

My name is Cynthia Uber and I love hiking and being in the woods.
Years ago, an injury kept me from participating in outdoor activities. I was inactive for almost five years! Once I started my recovery, I searched for women groups to help me get back to normal. Luckily, I found the Dames. On my first hike, any worries about keeping up with the group quickly disappeared. The hike leader put me at ease when she said, “were going to hike at a pace comfortable for all”. I found the members just as welcoming. Over the months I gained confidence and strength and signed up for more hikes. Eventually, began volunteering for scouting expeditions, and that turned into leading hikes. Now I’m merging into another chapter as Head Dame. This organization offered me a friendly environment to flourish in, and if you are reading this, I think the Dames is always seeking and welcoming others who love to exercise with friendly women in the beauty of nature. If you have worries about fitting in or keeping up with the group, you will lose those worries on the trail. So, come on, and join me and we will dance upon the Earth!

Cynthia Uber - Head Dame Virginia Chapter

To join the Leesburg Trail Dames Meetup, click here.

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