What is “Trail Dames”?


Welcome to the new Trail Dames blog! My name is Anna, but my hiking friends call me Mud Butt.  It is a name that has been honestly and hilariously earned, and one that I am proud to wear.  A year and a half ago, I became frustrated with the lack of women that I saw on hiking trails across the country.  Even more than that, I was disapointed by the lack of women that looked like me. So, I decided to do something about it.  Within hours, Trail Dames was born, and 350+ members later….we are going strong.

What is Trail Dames?  Trail Dames is a hiking club for women of a curvy nature.  A Trail Dame is someone that wants to go for a stroll in the woods.  To enjoy all of the beauty this world has to offer without worrying about running up the mountain or struggling to keep up with others.   A Dame might not know exactly how much she is capable of, but she knows that there is strength hidden within her.

This group was born to help women find that strength.  Oh….and then we plan on taking over the hiking trails of this country one mountain at a time.  Won’t you come join us?

Stay tuned to this blog.  You will hear stories of wonderful women getting in touch with their inner Dames, and who knows….you just might get in touch with yours.  In the next post, I will tell you about some of my favorite Dames and why they inspire me each and every day.  Until then… see you on the trails!

Anna aka Mud Butt

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