Shoe’s April AT hike 2010

Late Trip Report from April – Part 1

by shoe


The first week of April brought a week long trip with my friend from North Carolina Sweet Pea. It was kind of a strange trip in that we did Dick’s Creek Gap to Winding Stair Gap then flipped and did Springer to Woody Gap. For a total of about 60 miles.

This won’t be an extensive trip report for no reason other than I don’t feel like writing alot about it right now. :) When I find my journals I will write more.

Day 1: April 5th – Dick’s Creek Gap to Bly Gap – 9 miles

Tough day overall. Alot of longish uphill walking.Ran into a super snobby thru hiker. When she found out we weren’t thrus she turned her nose and kept walking. Later when I got the Bly Gap she informed me that we could camp up top (away from where she was I am sure). I bet she’s off the trail now. Camped on the upper portion near the “famous” tree. Great view of the stars.

Day 2: April 6th – Bly Gap to Standing Indian Mountain – 9.2 miles
This was an awesome day for me. This was the strongest I have ever felt while hiking. Even the last climb of the day didn’t put me in a mood. I guess working out can make a difference. Camping atop Standing Indian has so far been my favorite place. The sky was clear, a beautiful sunset and then the stars came out. What else could one ask for? Except for maybe a closer water source.

Day 3: April 7th – Standing Indian to campsite before Albert Mountain – 11.8ish miles

Another great day. At first I didn’t thinnk North Carolina wanted us to visit. The trail was actually quite steep for the first part of they day. The NC decides that “hey, you’re ok” and gives us the most amazing trail ever. Nice, without alot of up and downs. Our friend Kellye met us at Mooney Gap and brought us trail magic. Oranges and Reese’s and ice cold Diet Coke.

Day 4: April 8th – Albert to Winding Stair – 10.2 miles
Otherwise known as the day of the torential downpour. We made it up to the top of Albert without any rain but no views from the top. This was my second time with no view. We made it to Big Spring Shelter and took a break and the rain just let loose. We hung around trying to wait for the rain to stop but no such luck. So we had to hike about 9 miles in the pouring rain. There goes my record of never having to have hiked in any major rain. I think we made it the 9 miles in about 3 hours. I ain’t ever hiked that fast in my life.

We stayed at Kellye’s place this night and washed our gear and ate at Longhorn’s and played Wii Fit (which is the most hilarious thing ever). And decided to hike Springer to Woody since SweetPea had never hiked that section

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