Sweetwater Creek State Park- Trail Dames Hike

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Saturday was a super great day as I joined the Trail Dames on a hike through Statewater Creek Park. The 2,000 acre park is located outside of Atlanta and has hiking trails throughout that pass along spots including the George H. Sparks Reservoir and the ruins of a cotton factory destroyed during the Civil War. The hiking paths are easy in some spots and there are some areas where some rock climbing is involved. It was a bit challenging and a whole lot of fun! Cheryl our group leader was so helpful and guided the Dames along the trail, ensuring our safety throughout the hike especially through the boulder section! I met some amazing, strong, funny, women who all enjoy the beauty of nature. We all love laughing and making new friends and that is a good thing!

A quick group photo before we hit the trail.

Gathering together to start our hike. We count out so we know how many Dames are in the group so we can keep track and make sure no one is left behind on our way out.

We begin our hike on the Historic path which will  pass along the New Manchester Manufacturing Company.

This mill was built in 1849 on Sweetwater Creek. The mill produced yarn to form cotton and in 1861, the company had a contract with the Confederate Government to produce the materials for Confederate uniforms. In 1864 with so many men fighting in the Confederate Army, most of the employees of the mill were woman and their children. Sadly those women and children were arrested in July of 1864 when the Union Calvary captured the mill and village all around it. If they agreed to sign an “Oath of Allegiance” to the US Government they were released north of the Ohio River and Indiana. Those that did not sign the oath remained in prison until after the war ended. That my friends is a bit of Georgia history!

Sweetwater Creek

There are so many beautiful boulders all throughout!

One of the terrific things about the Trail Dames is that we have so many knowledgeable women who share the history of the area. Here we are taking a break and soaking up Georgia history.

Hello lovely! I had great love for this one and I gave it a big hug! Hug a tree, it’s good for your soul. Really now! There is even a lesson on how to hug a tree. Check it here!

Moving right along the trail you will find it can you give a bit of a workout as you will find the trail rocky as pictured above.

Here are the Dames, getting their heart rates up! There are several areas where climbing up and up is involved.

We take a few short breaks along the way and when we do, there is beauty all around. I love the color and textures we see all around us.

Trail Dames with Cheryl our guide right up front! Ladies, it was so nice meeting a lot of you for the first time. I so enjoyed our day and look forward to doing it all again soon!

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It’s all good. ~ Donna

Trail Dames Hike ~ Vickery Creek Trail

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Yesterday I joined the Trail Dames for another hiking adventure. Vickery Creek Trail is located in Roswell, Georgia. The creek formed on the property of a mixed-blood Cherokee woman named Vickery. Sadly she was forced to move west with the rest of the Cherokee nation on the forced march know as the “Trail of  Tears”. The creek name is her lasting legacy.

The weather was cool and comfortable and the trail was a moderate 6.3 mile loop. I enjoyed the laughter and conversations along the trail and after the hike, I joined a group of Dames for lunch at Chaplain’s in Roswell Mill. I carried my Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L on this hike. I have been using this lens on hikes lately so I have the ability to zoom out for group shots. It is a bit heavier to carry around but very versatile for hiking.

Hello there! A fellow Dame was kind enough to snap this photo so I could be included in this group shot. There I am, sitting on the right side of the bench, wearing my Trail Dames t-shirt!

For more information on the Trail Dames, please click here. I added hiking with Trail Dames in my category listing on my left side bar, so if you would like to see other hikes and photos I have taken, please take a look there.  Thanks for stopping by and I hope you the sweetest day!

It’s all good. ~ Donna