Video by Margaret Webster-Madley and John Atkinson

Have you ever WALKED
through the WOODS?

Have you heard the LAUGHTER of women
SING out over the trail?

Have you ever found yourself filled with JOY
standing on a MOUNTAINTOP?

Do you even KNOW what
you are CAPABLE of?

Blue Woman

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Our mission is to welcome, empower and educate women of all shapes, sizes, and experience and fitness levels to responsibly explore nature. Click the button below for a list of our locations. Find a Trail Dames chapter near you, or to start a chapter of your own!

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Green Woman

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Who We Are

Trail Dames is a hiking club for women of a curvy nature. We hike slowly, looking closely at the beauty that is all around us. We rest when we need to, but then we keep going. We know that there is no feeling in the entire world like the feeling of accomplishing your goal.

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