Thanks for the dance…

Thanks for the dance…….


One of my favorite songs in the whole world is by The Burns Sisters, and is called, “I’m Gonna Dance Upon This Earth”.  From the first acapella chorus of “I’m gonna dance upon this earth…..I’m gonna find some joy in all this madness. I’m gonna be the one that you see, living here now, feeling free”, I literally feel possibility flood through my spirit.  So when I started Trail Dames, I knew that this song had to be our theme song.  I wrote the Burns sisters and explained what I wanted to do with it, and they graciously gave us permission to make it the anthem of Trail Dames everywhere.

As I put together the website, I programmed the song to come on each time the home page is opened.  I put a link on the site to make sure that other Dames could locate this fantastic music, and I went on with life.    It wasn’t until about a year after Trail Dames was born that I began to get a lot of comments on the song. One day, we were hiking and one of the Dames pulled out her cell phone and actually played the song as we treked up the mountain.  Several of the women smiled and sang along and before I knew it, the anthem was ringing through the trees. It was then that I knew that women really were listening to the message this song held, and that it was resonating in them like it had in me.

As Dames, we change the words to “We’reGonna Dance Upon This Earth” and we even have it printed on our tee-shirts.  The references to our song began popping up more and more often during our outings until these days, you can hear it spoken or sung at least once on every hike.  My heart speeds up each time someone says those words because I know that the message that Trail Dames wants to instill in all women is taking root and blossoming.  Our newest Dame, Sherry, said it best after her first hike with us, when she wrote an email of thanks and ended it with, “Thanks for the dance lesson”.

Every idea, motivation and inspiration that I wanted Trail Dames to stand for is concentrated in that simple sentence.


We are going to celebrate this world.

We are going joyfully forward into our lives.

We are going to revel in the possibilities that are pointed our way.

We ARE going to dance upon this earth.

Have you ever had a song that moved you like that?  I would love to hear about it!  Click the button below and tell us about it so we can dance along.  And while you are at it, go to the Trail Dames website and hear the song for yourself! And then, go to the Burns Sisters website and order your own copy.  You will be dancing in no time!


Anna aka Mud Butt