bluewomanTrust and Safety Pact greenwoman

We promise to provide you the safest outdoor experience possible
—We ask that you work with us in that goal.
We promise to be open and honest about the health challenges on a hike
—We ask that you be open and honest about your health challenges with us.
We promise to honestly communicate the difficulty of a hike
—We ask that you trust our assessment and take our advice into consideration.
We promise that if we are unsure of your ability to hike a trail, we will communicate that to you.
—We ask that you understand that this comes from a place of caring about you and wanting you to have the very best experience that you can.
We promise that if a hike is scheduled that is beyond your skill level, we will offer a later one that will support your skills and growth as a hiker.
—We ask that you understand that we are doing this because we want you to be successful!
We promise to create a place where you can grow and learn in the outdoors.
—We ask you to understand that it is a process. There is a learning curve, and as long as you are on it, you are winning!

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