Want to be a Hike Leader?

Would you like to be a Hike Leader for Trail Dames?

Becoming a Hike Leader is a wonderful way to gain experience in outdoor leadership, and to inspire and motivate other women. Trail Dames Leaders are the key to having events that are not only fun and safe, but are also enriching and meaningful.

In Trail Dames, Hike Leaders are responsible for scheduling events, providing all the information necessary, and answering questions leading up to the event. During the event, the Hike Leader keeps an eye out for the safety of her Dames, providing support and education. Leaders also encourage, motivate, and engage our members so that everyone feels included. Our most important goal is for everyone to leave a hike with a sense of accomplishment and belief in one’s self.

If you are interested in becoming a Hike Leader, fill out the Hike Leader Questionnaire and we will put you in contact with a trainer in your area. We will provide the training and skills you need and before you know it, you will be leading your own Dames!

Thank you for being a Dame!

Anna Huthmaker, Founder
Trail Dames, Inc

Hike Leader Questionnaire
Hike Leader Training Checklist

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