Eloise "L" Miller-LaMill
Co-Head Dame
Maryland Chapter
Kelly Lowe
Co-Head Dame
Maryland Chapter

Greetings Dames,
I am excited to co-head Trail Dames of Maryland with Kelly.
Hiking and camping weren't something I was introduced to as a child; as an adult, it has helped me relax. Hiking feeds my body, mind, and soul.
Some of my favorite trails and parks are the Goldmine, Section A of the Billy Goat Trail @ Great Falls in Potomac, MD., and Pine Grove Furnace State Park in Gardners, PA. I appreciate any trail I get to wander down.
Hiking gives me a sense of empowerment, accomplishment, and joy. I want to share that feeling with others. That's why I wanted to become a hike leader.
Trail Dames will meet you wherever you are on your hiking journey! Hope to see you soon!
Eloise/"L" [BearSpray]

Hi Dames!
Born and raised in Maryland, I camped and hiked all over the state when I was younger but somehow let life get in the way and found myself on a long hiatus from hiking. In 2017, I stumbled upon the Trail Dames Meetup. I lurked for awhile, worried I wasn’t strong enough, or fast enough… but when a hike in my area popped up, I joined in. What a day! What a feeling! I was strong enough and fast enough because we were all in it together. It kicked my butt but my passion for hiking was reignited. Shortly after, I made the impulsive decision to attend the Trail Dames Summit. It was, quite simply, one of my most empowering life events. I remember telling people afterward…”I think my life just changed!” It wasn’t long before I was on my way to becoming a Hike Leader, wanting to share the Trail Dames with others. I’m so happy to join “L” as Co-Head Dame of the Maryland Chapter and looking forward to adventure and camaraderie. Join us!
Kelly (FOMO)

To join the Maryland Trail Dames Meetup, click here.

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