Kylena Cross
Co-Head Dame
Maryland Chapter
"El" LaMill
Co-Head Dame
Maryland Chapter

Hey there, Dames!
Originally from the Hoosier State, I made my way through the Lone Star State, before making my home in the Old Line State of Maryland in 1986! A few years ago, while I was searching the internet for women’s hiking groups, I found Trail Dames. I paused, then with some initial reservation sent an email request to be added to the MeetUp group. I showed up for my first hike with hesitation. Hiking had mainly been a solo activity of mine, and as such, I was not entirely sure that my hiking pace would be an “okay” pace for hiking with a group. I was prepared to face the worst…that I was slower than everyone else and that I would have to continue hiking alone in order to truly enjoy the outdoors. I could not have been more wrong. Dames are in it together! Before too long, I became a Hike Leader, because I wanted to be more involved in sustaining this amazing organization. We celebrate all women! We know that we are perfect as we are and support each other in our common goal of hiking and enjoying all that the natural world has to offer! Whether you are taking your first step off the pavement into adventure, or taking your hiking to the next level, I welcome all of you to come hike with us in Maryland!
Hike on!
Kylena, aka “BoobOnARock”

Co-Head Dame, "El" LaMill

To join the Maryland Trail Dames Meetup, click here.

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